The Stone Age

As a core material of our launch range, premium stone is here to stay - and with it's durability, resilience and high aesthetic value, it's easy to see why. 
CoTheory Office Products

When creating our hero collection of officeware pieces, careful attention was paid to our preferred materials. We considered a range of organic and non-organic media, but finally landed on stone – including travertine and marble – for our officeware pieces.

These include the Architect Footed Letter Tray, the Muse Footed Oval Tray, Lunar Sculpted Bookend, Orbit Table Sculpture and Collector Cannister - all versatile pieces designed to be both aesthetic and functional either in your workspace or elsewhere in the home.

The types of stone used in the collection include travertine and marble, and all exhibit unique textures, patterns, colours and tones – ensuring that each stone piece that we produce is special. Finishing techniques applied to stone create a range of tones and shades, varying from light to dark, muted to bold – which also allows you to create interest and contrast when placing our stone pieces within your space.

All of our CoTheory stone pieces have a honed finish, producing a matte surface with a softer feel.

CoTheory Office Accessories

We also all know that stone has built landmarks dating back thousands of years, which is testament to this timeless material’s durability and strength.

As a product, it is also recyclable and has a lifetime carbon footprint amongst the lowest of all organic materials – which speaks volumes about its sustainability. 

Natural stone is more resistant to scratches and staining than many other materials, too, meaning that its beauty and quality are retained over time. We are proud at CoTheory to have created products that are designed to last, given proper care.

Finally, when it comes to curating a beautiful space, natural stone is aesthetically pleasing while adding an abundance of warmth and character to the room.

Psychologically, bringing stone and other natural materials into your home is believed to create an ‘emotional bridge’ to the outside world, elevating your mood while promoting calm, harmony and tranquility.

Travertine can spark creativity and enhance relaxation, whilst marble is known to create a sense of sophistication and luxury whilst sparking curiosity. 

To evoke calm, curiosity and creativity in your space, browse our hero collection of stone pieces here.

Photography by @the.cwolf / Words by Jacqueline O'Neill, Inneka Agency.