Sophie Heatley: Sea and Paper Creative Studio

Sophie Heatley is the founder of Sea and Paper Creative Studio, a wedding and event stationery studio based in Melbourne, Australia. The studio is also the largest supplier of wax sealing stationery in Australia.


Based in Melbourne, Sophie began her creative journey as a freelance graphic designer in the wedding industry in 2020 – working on magazines, marketing and event stationery. When weddings were shut down in 2020, like so many others, she found a way to pivot.

“I shifted my focus to the expansion of the event stationary side of the business, and soon noticed that I was unable to source any wax sealing supplies in Australia. I have experience in both production management and product sourcing, so begun creating my own products – and it’s grown organically from there,” Sophie says.

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Sea and Paper has grown quickly - now a team of six, with a physical studio and thriving online business, as well as a social media following of over 60,000 people. For Sophie, she believes that the success of Sea and Paper stems from the people around her, having a clear vision and creating a working environment that is aesthetically beautiful, fun and friendly.


“I’ve been so fortunate over the past few years to have found some great staff who support the brand and are just as excited by every product we launch as I am. Personally, having a business coach has also enabled me to drill down into the fundamentals of business, prioritising what needs to be done now, and planning what needs to be done in the future,” Sophie shares. “My favourite part of business is having a space where I employ incredible people, do what I love, and have a fun, friendly and inviting workspace to come to every day. Every time I’m driving to the studio, a photoshoot or a supplier, I always think about just how lucky I am to do this as a job – I love reflecting on and being thankful for what I’ve been able to build, and that I do everything I love, every day.”

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Sophie’s ultimate goal for Sea and Paper is to be the ‘go-to’ for wedding and event stationary. Offering a wide product base, as well as design and production services, Sea and Paper service a range of customers, including events businesses, DIY brides, as well as brides who have a specific vision and are seeking to bring it to life. Through their social media, they also produce great content that gives insights into what running Sea and Paper looks like behind-the-scenes. 

“I love that I can share with our community how easy it is to make wax seals, or how easy it is to bring specific visions to life every day. Social media has this wonderful way of making us feel like we are part of a greater community – and I never felt isolated in the early days of business when I was working by myself. It really fills my cup.”


In 2023, Sophie can’t wait for what’s next for Sea and Paper, but is also focused on how she can develop as an individual. In the past 12 months, she has started seeing an acupuncturist to relieve the tension of long days, taking Fridays off, moving every morning before work, unwinding at her family’s beach house in Cape Paterson more regularly – and building a more beautiful work environment.

“If I’m at home, I’m working. Getting away to the beach house and that kind of scenery means I can shut off, and come back to work with a renewed sense of vigour and productivity. At work, I also love walking into a beautiful space – one that is always updated, making it a space to love. If we move studios again, the number one criteria will be aesthetics of the studio and the interior design.”


To follow Sophie’s journey or shop Sea and Paper, you can
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Photography by @nikkimccronephotography / Words by Jacqueline O'Neill, Inneka Agency.