The Power of Visualisation: Building My 2024 Vision Board By Guest Writer, Samantha Honiss

Mondays get a bad rap, but I can't help but love the fresh start they bring - much like the start of a new year.

For 2024, I'm using a physical vision board for the first time. Usually, I'm all about digital only, keeping things clean and clutter-free. But when you've got a sleek pinboard like this, it's hard not to have this on display and get inspired!


My word for 2024 is 'momentum' both for my work and personal space. Keep reading to find my 3 - step guide to creating a vision board that aligns with my goals:

1. Set Your Intentions & Theme
Clarify your goals and set the overall tone for the year. While I could delve into the journey of reaching my goals, let's jump ahead to when you've finalised your goals and intentions. My chosen palette is neutral and minimalist with a hint of texture, reflecting my emphasis on styling, interiors and visual media.

2. Collect & Layer Inspiring Imagery
Gather images and elements in 2-3 cohesive colours. Stick with clean lines - no tears for me. Use materials like magazine cutouts, Pinterest images, fabric samples, and dried foliage. Play with different sizes for depth and layering.

3. Organise & Display
Choose a suitable backdrop - I might be biased, but my CoTheory Visionary Pinboard is a personal favourite. Don't aim for perfection right away - draft ugly, edit pretty. Plan spacing, group, layer, and add trim for variety. The CoTheory Cartography Pushpins are not just functional but also stylish, adding flair to the board.

I'd love to know your take on vision boards and your 2024 intentions. Message me on Instagram @sabi.collective or visit to chat.

Disclaimer: While I was gifted the CoTheory Visionary Pinboard, Collector Cannister, and Cartography Push Pins, these words are all mine. They've become indispensable in my daily routine. No endorsement by CoTheory - just genuine love.